Ribbon Cutting Support

The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce loves celebrating with our members when they open new locations in Brooklyn. If you are a member of the Brooklyn Chamber and open a new store or facility, consider hosting a ribbon cutting ceremony to introduce yourself to the neighborhood.

Based on our experience, the Brooklyn Chamber recommends:
• Holding a brief speaking program and ribbon cutting about half an hour after the event starts, followed by more mingling.
• Creating an invitation (PDF or JPEG) with links to your social media handles and registration page or contact.
• Providing food and beverage to help draw attendees – mention this in invite!
• Offering a promotion (giveaway or percentage off product/service) to draw attendees – mention this in invite!
• Posting event on Member Calendar on Brooklyn Chamber’s website.
• Sharing the invitation with your network.

The Brooklyn Chamber can provide the following support, upon request:
• Promote the event:

                                   -In the Brooklyn Chamber’s Buzz e-newsletter, with a distribution of 15,000 people;
                                   -On the Brooklyn Chamber’s social media accounts; and
                                   -In targeted email to Brooklyn Chamber members in the appropriate neighborhood.

• Invite appropriate elected officials.
• Provide ribbon and large scissors.
• Send Brooklyn Chamber President or representative to give brief remarks welcoming member to the neighborhood.

The Brooklyn Chamber will not:
• Create the event invitation
• Manage event registration
• Provide food or beverages
• Invite press
• Guarantee a certain number of attendees, or the attendance of elected officials
• Hire a professional photographer