December 20, 2018

Mozaiko is revolutionizing traditional home decor with unique, artful and convenient pieces specially crafted for the place where most memories are created - the dining table. Their distinctive one-of-a-kind patterns offer a new colorful take on traditional placemats that will elevate any dining experience -- whether it’s a takeout meal on a Tuesday night or a celebratory dinner with friends.

Mozaiko is on a mission to infuse design into every home, and while doing so, making sure its products are functional, convenient to use, and last for a lifetime. That’s why they use the highest quality American materials combined with cutting-edge printing techniques. All of the pieces are made in the U.S. and hand-finished to ensure the best quality.

The company was created two years ago when siblings Ana, Jorge and Alejandra Risquez set on a mission to create charger plates that were tasteful, reflected each one of their individual personalities, and were convenient to use. After all, no one wants to add one more thing to their laundry list. After coming up with the idea for a restaurant in Panama and receiving amazing feedback, they decided to turn it into a business with a mission to elevate every dining experience.

Event planners and interior designers started to notice the uniqueness of the pieces which is why Mozaiko also offers customization services for special events, weddings, restaurants, boutiques, etc.

Mozaiko is unveiling a new collection of chargers plates called Joia - highlighting the “Joy of Gatherings.” They combine a distinctive playful shape with modern Portuguese inspired patterns, resulting in pieces that will make every table setting special this holiday.

Mozaiko believes that the most tastefully decorated homes are the ones that reflect the people living in them, and the individual cultures, lifestyles, and tastes that make them who they are. That’s why every piece they create is designed to empower individual styles and yet charm your friends when you invite them over for dinner.


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