Chamber Team


President and CEO



Executive Assistant to the President and CEO


Senior Vice President
and Chief Policy Officer

Samara Karasyk

718-875-1000 Ext. 137

Vice President, Human Resources and Administration

Sandra Purpura 

718-875-1000 Ext. 103

Senior Vice President and

Chief Administrative Officer

Rick Russo

718-875-1000 Ext. 121







Communications Coordinator

Megan Rooney

718-875-1000 Ext. 134





Economic Development

Director, 5 Chamber Alliance Initiatives

Avi Leshes

718-875-1000 Ext. 105

Senior Vice President and Chief Program & Economic Development Officer

Mitch Gipson

718-875-1000 Ext. 160

Director, Neighborhood Business Outreach

Luc Saint-Preux

718-875-1000 Ext. 113


Senior Project Manager, Economic Development

Katheryn Benedetto

718-875-1000 Ext. 331

Economic Development Coordinator

Saloni Sharma

718-875-1000 Ext. 138




Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Chandraban Motilall

718-875-1000 Ext. 112

Accounts Receivable

Letesha Gilmore

718-875-1000 Ext. 107



Teresa Morales

718-875-1000 Ext. 110

Foundation Support & Grants Management




Director, Foundation Support and Grants Management



Coordinator, Membership

Lorraine Lowe

718-875-1000 Ext. 131

Senior Vice President,

Lori Raphael

718-875-1000 Ext. 140





Navigator / In-Person Assistance Program

Director, In-Person Assistor/Navigator Program

Nancy Clermont

718-875-1000 Ext. 139

Navigator Enrollment Coordinator  

Stella Lai

718-875-1000 Ext. 115

Navigator Enrollment Coordinator


Navigator Enrollment Coordinator


NYC Business Solutions – Brooklyn Center

Vice President, Business Services & Director, NYC Business Solutions Center 

Tondalaya London


Senior Finance Account Manager

Stevenson Joseph



Public Programs & Development

Program Manager, Good Help Services

Shenise Elliott

718-875-1000 Ext. 124

Recruitment Specialist,
Good Help Services

Angel Lopez

718-875-1000 Ext. 120

Special Events


Director, Special Events

Ty Lundy
718-875-1000 Ext. 118















Recruitment and Training Account Manager, NYC Business Solutions Center

Teresa Osorio

718-875-1000 Ext. 156

Senior Account Manager, M/WBE and Recruitment 

Veronica Harris

718-875-1000 Ext. 127

























General Account Manager

Turiya Bynoe 


M/WBE Finance Account Manager

Manny Maysonet

718-875-1000 Ext. 154