Legislative Agenda

Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce and its Government Affairs Committee meet with state and federal legislators during its annual legislative visits to Albany and Washington, D.C.

In preparation, the Brooklyn Chamber has a series of planning meetings with its Government Affairs Committee prior to each legislative visit, and also conducts an annual survey of its membership to help identify and prioritize its legislative agenda.  The resulting issues document called "Legislative Agenda for Growth" is shared during meetings with elected officials, and is also published on the Chamber’s website.

The Legislative Agenda for Growth, which is updated each year, lays out the policy recommendations for state and federal issues that impact businesses in Brooklyn – for example, what existing legislation or regulations harm businesses and in what ways; what legislation or regulations would help start, retain and grow business in the borough; and how government could be more supportive of businesses.

Click the following links to learn more about the Brooklyn Chamber's state and federal legislative agendas: