Promotional Opportunities

The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce loves sharing members’ exciting news and success stories! The Brooklyn Chamber promotes its members for free through a variety of channels, including:

Ribbon-Cutting Support. For more information, click here.

The Brooklyn Chamber’s publications and social media. Members can:

  • Submit content for inclusion in one edition per year of the Brooklyn Progress, the Brooklyn Chamber’s bi-monthly newspaper.
    • Circulation: 10,000+ businesses
  • Submit content for inclusion in one edition per month of Brooklyn Buzz, the Brooklyn business community’s most popular e-newsletter.
    • Circulation: 15,000+ contacts
  • Submit content for inclusion on the Brooklyn Chamber’s social media pages once per month.
    • Combined following: 16,000+ (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn)
  • Contact Adam Kilduff at to discuss details.

The Brooklyn Chamber’s website, Members can:

  • Customize their listings in the Brooklyn Chamber’s Online Member Directory.
  • Contact each other directly through the Online Member Directory.
  • Post unlimited events on the Member Calendar.
  • Contact Lizzie Cofrancesco at for assistance.

Facilitated introductions from Brooklyn Chamber staff. Staff can:

  • Filter the membership list by neighborhood and/or industry to share member news or events with a targeted group of up to 100 members via email as appropriate.
  • Make personal e-introductions between members upon request.
  • Contact Meg Helming at to discuss details.

The Brooklyn Chamber will not:

  • Give out lists of members’ email addresses or phone numbers;
  • Generate news articles or images for our members; or
  • Manage event registration or event logistics for members.
  • All promotional opportunities are subject to availability. The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to decline to publish content at its discretion.