Cartridge Evolution

July 12, 2018
Cartridge Evolution

Cartridge Evolution 

Cartridge Evolution has been a local remanufacturer and recycler in Brooklyn, New York for the last 10 years.  The company's mission is simple: to provide cost-effective and reliable products to businesses and end users while decreasing the environmental impact of inkjet cartridges. The company is currently running an ink cartridge recycling program with schools, businesses and non-profit organizations. Please see our website for more information at


Recycling Program

All programs aim to reduce a carbon footprint and increase a scope and control over the lifecycle of a printer cartridge. The programs are open to businesses, schools and non-profit organizations who want to be involved in sustainability practices while also raising money for the work that they do.

Become a Recycler

Collect cartridges at your business, school or nonprofit location and receive a reward for your collection using Cartridge Evolution recycle box. Frequency of collection and rate TBD.

Polymailer Program

Businesses who sell office products can place polymailer in their product boxes that get sent out to the end user. Then, the end user can recycle their empty cartridge at no cost. The business will be paid a rate per polymailer returned back to our facility. Recycling not only decreases environmental impact, but studies show consumers are more likely to purchase products from businesses that have green strategies.

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